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10 Objectives

(1)Promote theory, design, skills and techniques that facilitate a beautiful, joyous and sustainable livelihood for all people together with the earth.
(2)Support environmental education for children that encourages a sustainable lifestyle preserving local resources.
(3) Promote integrated design based on ecology incorporating architecture, art, agriculture and culture.
(4)Support the implementation of permaculture principles and resilient social systems based on agriculture.
(5)Support ecovillage and sustainable community planning.
(6)Support urban and rural revitalization through the integration of ecology, architecture and art.
(7)Support ecological art and the beautifying of public spaces and scenery through community art.
(8)Support bioregional planning through the utilization of GIS (Geographic Information Systems).
(9)Support community revitalization while preserving local cuisine and history in harmony with local ecosystems.
(10)Support the energy self-sufficiency of local communities through renewable energy.



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