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We face numerous environmental problems, such as climate change and the loss of biodiversity. In order to free ourselves from an oil dependent society and economy on the verge of oil depletion, we must develop a sustainable, low carbon lifestyle and community structure which values and respects nature and our historical and cultural heritage. This is a process of re-localization, of creating a joyous and abundant lifestyle in harmony with nature. Non-profit organizations supporting this transition are dearly needed.
EAS is a think-and-do-tank socially active in various fields including the environment, architecture, regional planning, agriculture, landscape design, community art, archaeology, and historical and cultural preservation. Through the integration of diverse specialties and the sharing of techniques and knowledge, EAS is a comprehensive collection of social and ecological design experts.
EAS promotes ecological design based on the principles of ecology, integrating architecture and landscape design that respects local ecosystems, history and culture. EAS creates design concepts specific to a place and incorporates art as a fundamental human activity.
Combining the fields of ecology, agriculture, architecture, art, history and culture, EAS promotes the direct participation of all stakeholders in the design process and incorporates these principles in education and urban and rural planning. In conjunction with other environmental NPOs and in cooperation with local municipalities, EAS plays an important role in sustainable regional planning embracing art and culture. In the future, EAS hopes to develop these principles throughout Asia and the rest of the world.
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